Stretching Diversity: Teaching Yoga to all Humans Workshop

Each of our students is different. whether they have an injury or a chronic illness, are fat or thin, in a chair or standing, do you know how to teach for them?

Join Kesse for an afternoon of exploring how to make our classes more welcoming to all humans. part workshop, part discussion, part class, we'll explore the ways language, asana, & even boring business things like our registration forms & photos can make our teaching more inclusive.

Kesse is a fat, atheist, agender, spoonie* who specializes in teaching adaptive, mixed-level yoga to all humans. they are anti-diet and pro-self-empowerment. before becoming a teacher, they had practiced yoga for over 15 years off and on. after being diagnosed with several chronic illnesses, they found their way back to a consistent practice including meditation and breathwork. their teaching philosophy is that they are here to help their students build their own practice in order to empower themselves to gain all the benefits yoga has to offer. when they're not practicing or teaching yoga, they're a freelance marketing consultant and wannabe artist, chef, and gardener.

*spoonies are people living with chronic illness/pain and comes from the spoon theory by Christina Miserandino 
Sunday February 10

$30 if paid by January 15



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