Mudras & Mantras Workshop

In Sanskrit, mantra means “instrument of the mind”. It is a word, sound, or phase that is repeated to assist in concentration during meditation.  Mudra  (hand position) that has an effect on the energy flow of the body.  Mantras (chants) aid in the circulation of energy throughout the body to enhance the spiritual energy and are packed with energy and intention specifically designed to generate powerful sounds waves that promote healing, insight, creativity and spiritual growth. Together, Mudra and Mantra can influence your energy and benefit your health. they can create powerful transformations in one’s own being.

Join Sonya for this 90 minute workshop where you’ll be taught about mudras and their meanings, as well as mantras and how to use them. Learn how to choose and enjoy the benefits of these beautiful practices that can help to focus and reprogram the mind bringing gratitude and joy daily. 
Saturday Feb. 9 3:30p-5p



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